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Kidlington P.C. – A Quest Unit in New Surfacing for under £12k

In January 2013, our new Area Sales Manager, James Baldry, was in contact with Kidlington Parish Council regarding their desire to update some of the play provision in their park at Croxford Gardens. Kidlington P.C. had set aside £10-12k for the project, and Play & Leisure offered quotation options to suit both ends of the budget. Members of the council were particularly inspired by the Explorer option which utilized the full budget, over proposals from other play companies.

James commented that, ” The site at Kidlington is a good example of how Play & Leisure can add value to your play project. Kidlington Parish Council were a new client to us, but gave us the opportunity to quote for their project and were pleasantly surprised regarding the size of the unit they were able to have within the tight budget constraints. After consultation with the local housing association, our scheme was chosen. The installation went ahead hassle free and both the clients and local residents are delighted with the end result, which will be well used for many years to come.”